As Global Women we have an incredible opportunity to empower women to become leaders in their communities. 

In 2006, Peter Mogan founded Global Mothers as a result of his extensive development work in Africa, Latin America and South East Asia. Together with his daughter, Peter created a Social Enterprise called Global Mothers that would generate a sustainable income for mothers (artisans) and their communities, by selling the artisans products in North America. 

In 2015, we realized that our impact is much greater than mothers, their families and their communities. We have a connection with empowering all women, including mothers. As Global Women we have the opportunity to expand our reach to empower all women through women. We do this by connecting talented women to create beautiful, hand-crafted jewellery for sale in curated marketplaces in North America.

Peter's vision in 2006 has taken us to where we are today and our newly launched Global Women Collection.

Join us in our journey to empower women from across the globe to become successful entrepreneurs. 


Peter Mogan is a partner in Access Law, with a heart for helping the poor. His passion for helping women in need began more than 20 years ago when he served on the Board of Opportunity International—then a small microfinance organization.

Peter has spent considerable time in Africa, Latin America and South East Asia, working with and leading organizations such as “Food for the Hungry” to establish micro-financing opportunities and microenterprises.  As a result of using these tools in poor communities, Peter saw their value in providing a new way of life for women, children and families. During this time, Peter saw that NGOs were beginning to use small artisan-led businesses as a way of generating sustainable income for artisans. Through the generation of new income for women, otherwise impoverished lives could be transformed into healthy, productive individuals, families and communities.

In 2010, Peter created the Transformational Trade Network (TTN) to improve the economies of materially disadvantaged communities in the Global South by providing a market for their hand-made high quality products.